Japanese Sake and, marine products, also sells such amulet of AizenDo.
Shimoda Ropeway original goods on sale now!
8% Discount It is a shop.
In the mountain top station building, coffee and
juices in soft cream
Of the menuto suitthe season etc.
There is acoffee shop. Soba, udon
There is also asnack, such as.

Recommended, Tokoroten
While over looking the Shimoda Port, to
Coffee time while watching the ship.
I've been a little grace fulmood♪

Coffee shop corner
Alcohol Corner
(Sake, shochu, wine)

Mountain foot hills shop
Because it is Izucloser than sudden
Shimoda Station
(about 1minutewalk),
Souvenir (shop use) Irasshaimasu many regulars
Because it is deals shop of discountsale♪
Original products Corner
(Ropeway limited edition)
Popular rich vanilla Soft cream♪
Soft-serve ice cream will be the taste ofv anilla flavor and a seasonal.
mountain top shop
Bright at mosp here♪the warmsuns hine pour
The reon the mountain top shop.
mountain top Station) within, and adjacent to the
ob servatory

Since thecagewill, also available not walk the boardwalk.
We will bethe sale ofalcoholatthe mountaintop stand.

※Underage drinking, it is prohibited by law.
(mountaintop shopDirect)