- heart-shaped -
Aizenmyoo-do of marriage
Mt.Nesugatayama is not is' superb view only!
Marriage of attractions, it's a power spot! !
Aizen of love opens luck "marriage" Buddha
Calmballwas passed through awheel,
encounterspreads when exposed to acalmrock.
Throw Calmball(Nagomidama) wish come true
Amuletthat has been featured in magazines.
It sells itfrom when your prayer.
A lot ofJizo are lined.
Rāgarāja (Aizenmyoo)
Reproduce NaraHoryuji Temple of the Yumedono to two-thirds of
the size of
.(June 11, 1974 establishment)
Your Buddha "rāgarāja", the original Kamakura Hachiman Aizenmyoo-do
Of ithas been said that the work of sculptor Unkeiin your Buddha.
Revered, to Kodakara, marriagein particularis of vitalf or women, etc.
As Mamorihonzon, the people of the beginningaround to wards the local
It has been widely faith.
To write awish to Heart Ema